DarkScapes Volume Two (Standard Edition)



Released 7/7/17, DarkScapes Volume Two from musician, composer & visual artist Circuit scream is the second in a series of five vaguely-defined concept albums that feature dark ambient, electronic, orchestral compositions, and soundscapes.

The album’s 16 tracks (13 proper plus 3 bonus tracks) showcase more orchestral compositions and electronica production than its predecessor, DarkScapes Vol. 1 ; but even from the first single – the upbeat, bordering-on-synthpop “United Citizens of the Wastelands” -to the somber violin & cello washes of “Aeons“, the tracks still feature their fair share of soundscapes, synths, glitch-fx & samples, and harsh pixel-generated noisescapes to provide the dark ambient underpinning expected of a DarkScapes release.

While the story element of the DarkScapes series still isn’t fully revealed, the album suggests a narrative backdrop of a fantastic journey through strange alien worlds and encounters with creatures beautiful and bizarre.

The Standard Edition includes 3 bonus tracks, a digital booklet, and desktop and phone wallpapers.

Track Listing:

  1. DeadZone 05
  2. The Machines of War
  3. United Citizens of the Wastelands
  4. Harsh Language
  5. DeadZone 06
  6. Outpost 54
  7. DeadZone 07
  8. Aeons
  9. Collider
  10. Traveler at the Gates
  11. Star Decay
  12. DeadZone 08
  13. The Lonely March
  14. The Machines of War (Orchestral Demo) (Bonus Track)
  15. Drift (Ambient Version) (Bonus Track)
  16. The Plains of Aros (Bonus Track)


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