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Guitarist, Vocalist, Composer, Synthesist, and Producer are just a few of the many hats Donnie Maynard Christianson, aka Circuit Scream wears – the musician-turned-entrepreneur also runs a software company, numerous ecommerce sites, dabbles in cg animation, and is the writer, artist, and publisher of several role-playing games.

Like many guitarists coming up in the 80s, Donnie’s influences include Joe Satriani and Steve Vai, but the list doesn’t stop there – throw David Gilmour, Don Felder, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Aldo Nova, Neil Giraldo, and Rudolf Schenker into the mix and you’ve got quite a blend.

Although Circuit Scream is his main project, Donnie releases music under several monikers: Silverwing, Donnie Christianson, and the ambient project Moonshadow’s Kiss (who have a new album coming out in October). With several EP releases and singles this summer, plus a full-length album in the works for 2023, Christianson is certainly keeping busy outside of his non-musical pursuits.

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