DarkScapes is a scifi epic adventure conveyed through music, art, and story, following a team of astronauts as they encounter strange alien lifeforms and presented in a “Captain’s Log…” style narrative.

Featuring my original music & art (with some cover art sourced from other artists), the project began in 2013 during recording sessions for my Star Force 7 film score. I had several unused ambient music tracks leftover from that project, and two of them were good enough to warrant their own new project, but I really didn’t know what that would be yet.

Fast-forward to 2017 and now that project is complete, with two albums, four EP’s, and several singles released across all the major music platforms, a handful of YouTube videos of the recording sessions, and numerous “ArtScapes” soundscapes created from the hundreds of fractal renders. With over 3000 hours devoted to this project, I can – almost – say it’s done.

I say “almost” because there are two more pieces of this puzzle to put in place:

1) Explorations – an unreleased collection of music (and a short story). In addition to the 194  DarkScapes tracks, this project is a prequel to the DarkScapes saga, and features it’s own narrative, new artwork, a comic, and a full three albums worth of music, soundscapes, and generative art.

But more about that in future posts…which leaves…

2) DarkScapes.art – a brand-new website that launches 9/15/17.

The site will be an archive of the project from initial demos, notes & concept art through the final production of the albums and fractal renders. When the site launches, you can download wallpapers & ArtScapes sessions, learn how to make your own image-to-audio soundscapes, and stream the albums. Or, check out the merch shop and pick up a DarkScapes t-shirt, poster, or art book to complete your scifi collection.

I’ll post some more teasers on my Instagram page and here over the next few weeks.

See you there!