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New track, "Third Rock"

Pre-order the Stage Alpha EP and get two tracks now, including “Third Rock”. Listen to the track below:

Album & EP Releases

Shadowrun Remastered - revisiting the Cyberpunk themes from Darkscapes

Recorded from 2014-2017 and released throughout 2016-17, the Darkscapes project was an experiment in minimalist ambient music, soundscapes, image-to-sound conversions, fractal art, and noise. Several of the tracks on the two-album epic endeavor had very strong cyberpunk and retrowave themes.


In April 2022 Donnie re-released a handful of these tracks, including Shadowrun, as an EP. Now THAT recent release has been remastered and repackaged, along with two brand-new songs for an August release. Take a look at the tracks and artwork in this post.

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