ArtScapes Booklet (w/Ultimate Edition)

Features production details, exclusive photos & art, and more.

Downloadable Content includes Desktop Wallpapers, Digital Art Paks, Demo Versions, Behind-the-Scenes content, and more!


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DarkScapes Volume One (Ultimate Collector’s Edition w/Bonus Content + Digital Art + Bonus Album) is the Ultimate Edition of the DarkScapes saga – the full DarkScapes album PLUS bonus tracks & art, and that’s just getting started – many of the bonus tracks were created by processing the DarkScapes artwork using various image-to-sound software, generating entirely new music tracks! With the Ultimate Edition, you get all of that content – the music AND the art from which it was generated!

The first bonus album include 8 music tracks and accompanying desktop wallpapers:

  1. Approaching the Structure
  2. Heart of the Beast
  3. Vortex 1
  4. Beast2
  5. Soul Eater
  6. Vortex 2
  7. Abyss
  8. Dark Towers

If that’s not enough, there’s a printable PDF CD booklet and behind the scenes photos and studio content…

And if THAT’S not enough, the Ultimate Edition also includes a unique “ArtScapes” album – you’ll get a version of all 13 of the main DarkScapes tracks, generated using their track art in Photosounder. The art was inspired by the music, and with this bonus album, you get to “hear the art”.


  • All-new high-resolution, 300dpi track art for each track
  • 13 ArtScapes tracks

This bonus album also includes a printable PDF CD booklet with liner notes detailing the image-to-sound process, screenshots of the sessions, and exclusive photos from the studio.


  • ArtScapes PDF Booklet

Finally, you’ll also get to see and hear a preview of the upcoming “Explorations” album/comic/animation trilogy, which is a prequel of sorts to the DarkScapes material.

If you’re looking for the ultimate DarkScapes experience – this is it. Download this album NOW.


  • 39 music tracks:
    • Full DarkScapes Volume One album
    • Bonus Album: “ArtScape” Version of the full album – music generated from the cover and track art using special software
    • Demos
    • Alternate Versions & Mixes
    • Bonus Album: “ArtScapes” tracks featuring music generated from the desktop wallpapers
  • PDF Booklet w/liner notes, photos & more
  • “ArtScapes” PDF Booklet w/liner notes & exclusive content
  • Behind the Scenes photos and content
  • 300dpi Album Cover
  • 300dpi Track Art
  • 30+ Desktop, iPhone 5 and iPhone 7 Wallpapers
  • BONUS Desktop Wallpaper from the upcoming Explorations Vol. 1 album
  • Preview of the Explorations album trilogy

Get access to all this content when you order the Ultimate Edition!

PLEASE NOTE: due to space limitations on Bandcamp, some bonus items will need to be downloaded from the Circuit Scream website – contact Circuit Scream with your order number so we can prepare your downloads.


  1. DeadZone 01 01:25
  2. Ancient Souls 03:45
  3. BloodhaZe 02:46
  4. DeadZone 02 01:38
  5. The Void 06:41
  6. Shadowrun/Interlude (Album Mix) 05:01
  7. DeadZone 03 03:49
  8. Wastelands 06:51
  9. Ghost in the Machine 01:42
  10. DeadZone 04 02:24
  11. Red Sector 04:11
  12. Rift (Full Version) 02:04
  13. Rift (Underscore Version) (Bonus Track) 01:50
  14. Shadowrun (EP Version) 03:14
  15. Interlude (EP Version) 02:11
  16. Red Sector (early demo) (Bonus Track) 02:40
  17. Shadowrun Beta 1.0 DEMO (Bonus Track) 02:53
  18. Red Sector (Film Trailer Mix) (Bonus Track) 01:46
  19. Approaching the Structure (Bonus Track) 00:58
  20. Heart of the Beast (Bonus Track) 04:38
  21. Vortex 1 (Bonus Track) 02:59
  22. Beast 2 (Bonus Track) 01:25
  23. Soul Eater (Bonus Track) 01:14
  24. Vortex 2 (Bonus Track) 00:50
  25. Abyss (Bonus Track) 01:53
  26. Dark Towers (Bonus Track) 02:02
  27. DeadZone 01 (ArtScape Version) 02:55
  28. Ancient Souls (ArtScape Version) 01:53
  29. BloodhaZe (ArtScape Version) 01:23
  30. DeadZone 02 (ArtScape Version) 02:55
  31. The Void (ArtScape Version) 04:45
  32. DeadZone 03 (ArtScape Version) 02:55
  33. Shadowrun (ArtScape Version) 03:21
  34. Wastelands (ArtScape Version) 02:40
  35. Ghost in the Machine (ArtScape Version) 03:42
  36. DeadZone 04 (ArtScape Version) 02:55
  37. Red Sector (ArtScape Version) 00:46
  38. Interlude (ArtScape Version) 01:17
  39. Rift (Full Version) (ArtScape Version) 03:03