2500+ hours. 600+ pieces of artwork. Numerous picks, strings, pixels, and computer crashes.

Election day probably wasn’t the best choice of an album release date, but here it is.

This was a beast of a project and it evolved in ways I didn’t imagine when I started it way back in mid-2014. I had done some soundscapes while I was also recording Guitronica and just put them up on Soundcloud as part of “DarkScapes Volume One”, with no intention of it ever being a real project. Eventually I figured it could be an EP with a handful of ambient tracks, but still just worked on a few of them on and off; not really related, either, just random sessions in my new-old studio in South Carolina.

I moved to Memphis and took a break for much of 2015, then when I bought my current studio building, it became a focal point on my project list. I started shaping it into a real album, and decided to release them in chapters. I soon recorded enough material for about 4 albums (some of the other songs will be on DarkScapes Volume Two – you’ve heard a couple of them already, such as “Collider”).

Was there more I wanted to include? Yes, absolutely. Could it have been better? Always – but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

It’s available in 3 versions:

  1. Standard, if you just want the “main” album;
  2. Deluxe, which includes a bonus album and lots of art downloads;
  3. Ultimate, featuring PDF booklets, a SECOND bonus album, and demos, remixes, and even more art.

Download your favorite version at my Bandcamp page: http://circuitscream.bandcamp.com

Thanks for your support – rock on! \m/