This week, I finished a piece of the (ongoing, apparently…I love experimenting with these artscapes!) DarkScapes project – DarkScape #46 to be precise, of the FIRST 100 pieces of DarkScapes art (there are several hundred images I am still sorting through…).

I used Photosounder* to generate the soundscapes, and decided to release this as a completely FREE download for you – no email signup, none of that – just grab the files and enjoy:

For the adventurous among you, I also included the fractal scene file (for the artwork) and the Photosounder session files. Open them in Photosounder and you’ll start with the EXACT same settings I ended up with to render the final** audio file. Fair warning – this isn’t for everyone; what you’ll hear is the RAW audio before I mixed and mastered it, and not everyone will necessarily be into this. But if you are, kudos, you kindred spirit, you. šŸ™‚

I hope you enjoy this little gift and have fun with it! Rock on!


The fine print:

  • *Photosounder is an application for generating audio from images – the full program is $79 USD (and well worth it), but there is a free demo you can download too. Get more info from
  • **It’s worth noting that Photosounder renders audio files in mono – the final EP mixes in this download areĀ stereo files that were EQ’d, mixed, and mastered in Reaper with fade-ins/outs to make it a bit more listenable.