Here’s what’s going on at CS HQ this month…

Studio Club

I recently opened a members-only page at Bandcamp. Rather than just use it for my albums and singles, I wanted to do something extra for subscribers. I thought it would be the perfect place to include my loop kits and sample paks that I create for Screamtrax. Besides my entire discography and merch discounts for fans, there’s a growing selection of producer toolkits – beats, samples, and more – that you can use in your own tracks royalty-free – and it’s all included in your membership.


Here is a look at the first update happening Tuesday, Sep 6th:


DarkScapes Volume One Ch 03: (not publicly available yet – subscribers get it a week before everyone else!)

  1. Dead Zone 03
  2. The Void
  3. Interlude
Silverwing – Rain EP + instrumental versions + demos + photos
  • Shadowrun/Interlude DEMO
  • Children of the Sea
  • Dreams of Tomorrow DEMO #1
  • Audio ConstruXX #001: Alien Autopsy
  • Misc beats and loops
  • Melodic Guitar Loops Volume 1 – 350+ guitar loops and samples

In addition, these releases are already available to members of the Studio page:

  • My entire discography of albums and singles
  • The entire Dark Loops series of loop paks
  • Demo Vault selections
  • Sound effects

YouTube Channel

I’ve been putting some effort into my YouTube Channel lately; I’ve never really used it a lot but am starting to create new content, a weekly Studio Blog, showing you guys some of the stuff I’m working on, and later this year, some educational material.

I’m filming a studio tour today, so make sure to subscribe to my channel and be the first to know when it hits the page.


Quick note about the CS weekly newsletter – I put it on pause for now – I’ll start it up again soon.


This is for the filmmakers, videographers, and game developers. With Halloween just around the corner, you’ll want to check out my Screamtrax collection of stock audio. Screamtrax is designed for scary movies and games, and you can license it directly from me in just a few weeks – launches on September 20th. Pricing is in line with what you’d expect from stock audio sites like Audio Jungle or Pond5 (in fact some of my music is already available at Pond5). I’m really looking forward to bringing this resource to you.

However – if you’re a member of my Studio Club, you get select tracks from Screamtrax as part of your Studio membership – they are already in the member area and waiting on you to download and use in your films!

Worldbuilder Media

If you’ve only recently started following me on various social media platforms, you may not know about my RPG company, Worldbuilder Media. I’ve only mentioned it a few times this year and have somewhat neglected our social media presence. Well, thankfully our sales have still been strong and pretty much on autopilot, and as a result we have a growing fan base of both our World of Greywyn RPG Setting and BattleSlabZ gaming tiles.

In between Circuit Scream and client projects, I redesigned BattleSlabZ over the past few weeks, and also built a new website, It’s not live yet, and I don’t have a launch date, but if you are a tabletop gamer, follow us on Twitter and Instagram for updates:

As for Greywyn, The Forge Expansion module will be released in October. Follow Greywyn on Twitter and IG for updates:


That’s it for now. There will be a few other things I’ll mention in tomorrow’s update, but you’ll only see it if you’re a member – join today and get ALL my music, and a whole lot more!