Art = Sound

I used a few apps to generate the ArtScapes content included with DarkScapes. Below is a list of them for you brave adventurers that wish to dive in and explore this sort of thing. This page will evolve as I venture further down the path myself.

I used Photosounder to create the 2 ArtScapes bonus albums included with my DarkScapes Volume One Ultimate Edition. It’s an amazing program I can get lost in for hours manipulating the frequencies.

Here’s the description from their YouTube Channel:

Photosounder is a new and innovative sound editing and synthesis tool that allows you to edit sound in powerful new ways by turning the entire sound into an image that describes accurately every of the sounds features. It can therefore accomplish things that are simply impossible with any other tool. It also allows you to use images, all sorts of images, to create new sounds that are nothing like what we know, or perhaps even more interestingly to create images that produce familiar sounds.


Approaching the Structure screenshot
Screenshot of my track, “Approaching the Structure”

Here you can see the artifacts painted in on the left side of the image with Photosounder’s brush. Experimenting with the brush settings led to some pretty cool discoveries.