Thanks for visiting! I’m currently working on other music projects but I keep this site active and operating as usual – Circuit Scream music and art is still available here and the usual outlets such as iTunes, Spotify, etc. I occasionally publish content to this site so that eventually the complete CS catalog will be available here.
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-Donnie, aka Circuit Scream

Guitarist, Vocalist, Producer, Composer, Oudist Donnie Maynard Christianson, aka Circuit Scream, blends rock, metal, soundscapes, and electronic music to create a unique brand of scifi-inspired ambient-electronic guitar rock, often pitting melodic, bowed electric guitars against a backdrop of soundscapes, grinding synth bass and Marshall-driven rhythms cranked to 11.

Donnie is strongly influenced by virtuosic guitar gods like Joe Satriani and Steve Vai, composers Howard Shore & Jeremy Soule, Scandinavian metal artists Nightwish, and in recent years Celldweller. His vocal work with Silverwing showcases classic metal influences reminiscent of powerhouse singers like Geoff Tate and Rob Halford.

Donnie’s latest release, DarkScapes, is a 39-song ambient/electronic project that includes some tracks generated entirely via software from the album’s various artwork. He is currently recording a new instrumental guitar album, Visions, and a brand new Silverwing album with a new lineup of the band.

Free Download: "Collider"

Download the track Collider free at Bandcamp!

DarkScapes Volume One

The full DarkScapes album is available in 3 versions, and features alternate versions of tracks, demos, art paks, and if you order the Ultimate Edition, it’s 3 full albums + the bonus tracks for a total of 39 tracks (!).

Hit the links below to choose your version of the album – you’ll be able to stream and download it right away, and get full access to the content & bonus items.

39 dark ambient music tracks

Digital Art & Wallpaper Paks

Behind-the-scenes Content

Ultimate Collector's Edition

39 Tracks – you get 3 full albums featuring alternate versions, demos, remixes, and more – including music generated from the various artwork created for the DarkScapes series. Download Content includes digital art paks, desktop & iPhone wallpapers, and a PDF booklet with behind the scenes content & art. If you want the full DarkSCapes experience, this is the album to order.

Deluxe Edition

The Deluxe Edition features bonus tracks, demos, digital art content, PDF booklet, and desktop & iPhone wallpapers.

Standard Edition

The Standard Edition includes all 4 DarkScapes Chapters, a selection of bonus tracks, PDF booklet, and desktop wallpaper featuring art from the series.